Please check my feedback on ebay – tanguera19— 100% positive in 502 transactions. I’m nobelprizeforshopping on mua and I don’t swap much but my tiny amount of feedback is 100% for what that’s worth.
I will ship to UK, US, Canada, Australia, NZ, Japan, Singapore,and all of EU (except Germany and Italy). Also Norway and Iceland.
Payments by Paypal only. All prices are listed in UK pounds (GBP). Please pay in pounds.
All items sold as seen, no refunds or exchanges are possible. My home is smoke-free but I do have cats.
How to order
Please send an email titled “Blogsale” to tanguera19 at yahoo dot co dot uk with:
1. your paypal email address
2. country
3. the listing for each item you want to order, copied and pasted.
Please DON’T leave a comment to ask for an item.
I will then send you a Paypal invoice. Please pay within 48 hours or the items will be relisted; I will try to post within 72 hours of receiving payment. Please note that I will not pend items on a general expression of interest, only after I have invoiced you and for that I need all of the above information. If you don’t pay the invoice I unpend the item. I’m sorry that this was unclear last time.
UK: £3.20 for the first up to 3 items and £0.50 for every additional item.
Europe – £3.70 for the first item and £0.80 for every additional item.
Other international: £4.80 for the first item and £1.00 each for every additional item.
A few of the items are heavy and will count as more than one item for postage calculation purposes. This is clearly marked on each relevant listing.
Please note that I often use recycled packaging and use a lot of padding so single items won’t go as letters. If you want tracking please ask but that will cost approximately £6 extra per package.
IMG_0909 IMG_0910
1. Clinique Strawberry Fudge Holiday Palette LE – 3x – £15
2. Nars 9947 2x – £15
3. Sanrio Hello Kitty palette LE – 2x – £7
 4. myface Fair Holiday blush 1x –  £2
5. Chanel Accent Joue Contrast Euro formula 2x – £18 PEND
 6. Laura Mercier Universal Invisible Loose Setting Powder 2x – £15
7. Accessorize Baked Bronzer Golden Sand (MSF dupe) 2x – £4
8. Liz Earle Soft Porcelain Powder Foundation (no longer sold) 3x – £15
9. MAC 242 – used but clean. Hasn’t had much use – £10 – £8
10. MAC 239 – used but clean. Hasn’t had much use – £10 PEND
11. Clinique Like Mink gwp duo 4x – £2 PEND
12. Shu Uemura IR Brown 850 old size 5x – £4 (NB photo colour is accurate, this is more gray/taupe than brown)
13. Shu Uemura ME Purple 700 old size 3x –  £4
14. Shu Uemura ME Yellow 300 old size 3x – £4
15. Shu Uemura IR Beige 800 old size 10x, dent to one corner – £5
Please note that I will do all the Shus as a bulk lot for £14
16. Lancome name and number rubbed off but it’s taupe 5x – £4 £3
17. Lancome Erika 5 10x – £8
18. Lancome Casque d’or 2x – £7
19. Bobbi Brown Java 4x – £4
20. Bobbi Brown Pewter (LE) 3x – £7
21. Bobbi Brown Sable 5x – £4
22. Bobbi Brown Camel 5x –  £4
Please note that I will do all the BBs as a bulk lot for £15



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